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Curious about what I’m up to? You’re not alone! As an academic writer, I’m frequently asked what I’m currently working on. That’s why I created this page to share my latest updates on academic publications and research. From examining the intersection of translation and religion to exploring the politics of retranslating the Qur’an, my work covers a range of fascinating topics. Keep up with my latest publications and stay in the loop about my research projects by checking back here often!

Translation in an Era of Saudi Religious Nationalism

I’m thrilled to share that I’m currently working on an exciting project – a book exploring the politics of Qur’an translation in Saudi Arabia. With years of research and analysis under my belt, I’m excited to compile all of my findings into one comprehensive volume. The book will delve into the fascinating history of Qur’an translation in Saudi Arabia, and how it has been used as an ideological tool to reinforce state authority and shape global perceptions of Islam. Through exploring the linguistic, cultural, and political challenges translators face when working with this sacred text, I aim to provide valuable insights into the complex relationship between religion, politics, and translation. Overall, I can’t wait to share my findings and contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding this critical topic.