My Current Work

“What are you currently working on?”

This is the most frequently asked question in academic and literary sites. To satisfy readers’ curiosity, I decided to add this page to share the latest updates on my works, both academic and literary.


I am currently working on a monograph, the proposal of which was warmly welcomed by Routledge. It is about the intersection between translation and religion, with a particular focus on translations of the Qur’an into English. This is an extension of my PhD thesis, but it is thoroughly revised and refocused to have broader implications and contribution beyond the field of Translation Studies. 


I am currently reading plenty of novels which touch on social psychology. The aim is to gather as many details on how to depict, describe, and analyse the psychology of the Converter, the main character in my novel. More accurately speaking, my debut novel is still in its infancy, and a considerable amount of reading and writing are essential at this stage.