Haroun, Y. (2021) The Ideological Interpellation of English Qur’an Translators in the 21st Century. In Asia Pacific Translation and Intercultural Studies

This article examines the construction of the translator’s agency in the context of 21st century Qur’an translation. This article demonstrates that the understanding of who should translate the Qur’an is embedded in a larger narrative of religious authority.

Haroun, Y. (under review) Anti-Essentialism in Qur’an Translation. Submitted to Parallel

This is an invited contribution to a special issue in Parallel, and which was submitted for publication in November 2020. It examines the operation of translation as a counter ideological apparatus, focusing on collaborative male-female translation of the Qur’an.

Haroun, Y. (in progress) Thus Spake Interpellation, or Translation and Ideology 

This article will be submitted for publication in 2021. It focusses on the shortcomings of the concept of ideology as applied to TS. It aims to broaden the understanding of the concept in the field using a number of Qur’an translation cases from the 21st century.